You need to be very careful

– a Copyright tale –

Student Richard O’Dwyer, who was 23 at the time and comes from Sheffield, was claimed to have breached piracy laws and was facing extradition to the US and liable for up to five years in jail. He created the TVShack website.He lost his case at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and a subsequent appeal. US authorities believe TVShack hosts links to content, rather than the actual content itself and breaches Copyright laws. The case was brought by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency and no criminal charges were lodged by British authorities.TVShack has since been shut down by US authorities.On 13 January 2012, UK District Judge, Quentin Purdy, rejected the arguments and ruled that O’Dwyer could be extradited to the U.S. to face copyright infringement allegations. The extradition order was approved by UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, in March 2012 and O’Dwyer launched an appeal.

Comments onTwitter included- “A British kid built a search engine, got sued by US Government and is now fighting extradition to USA. It seems he was not providing illegal content, just showing you where it is”.It just shows how careful you have to be!

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