Straightedge Introduction

Straightedge provides a central, reliable repository of key commercial information essential for the day to day requirements of procurement, contract management and service delivery teams. It enables effective decision making and delivers cost savings, compliance, risk mitigation and enhanced security.

StraightedgeImprove Contract and Vendor management - Plan and track actions and milestones , manage risk proactively.
StraightedgeTrack Renewals and Upgrades - Reduce risk of overruns and penalty payments, create savings opportunities.
StraightedgeVerify Quality Data - Include completeness of documentation and contents analysis, hold all key documents electronically which creates an alternative backup for business continuity and disaster recovery.
StraightedgeControl Costs - Forecast expenditure based on upcoming contract renewals and invoices, prevent cost overruns, track costs by project or by responsibilities.
StraightedgeEnhance Legal Risk Management - Achieve compliance, avoid or mitigate audits, reduce the resources needed to support audit challenges, prepare for due diligence in merger / acquisition / divestment activities.
StraightedgeIncrease Efficiency - Reduce waste and overbuying, manage what you have, not what you think you have, store everything in one place, give stakeholders easy access to key risk information.
StraightedgeImprove Communications - Mitigate internal and external communication gaps, enable Technical Delivery, Licensing, Procurement and Legal Teams to have real-time access to same data, enhance supplier led audit responses.
StraightedgeOptimise Asset Usage – Align your inventory data from your Discovery tools with contractual benefits captured in Straightedge to maximise Value from your assets.

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