Offline Training Courses

Pre-/Post Product Deployment Value Acceleration

Software is bought for what is does, not for what it is.

Software deployment notoriously creates challenges for the business. New technology requires readiness from the business and all its stakeholders. Business processes and culture have additional bearing on outcomes.

This workshop is aimed at decision makers keen to

  • examine impacts to business
  • maximise benefits
  • avoid unnecessary costs
  • mitigate unexpected deployment/implementation/spec challenges

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ITAM 101

This workshop is aimed at non-IT business and procurement stakeholders who wish to have a basic grasp of nomenclature and ITAM processes and Best Practise.

In order for any organisation to drive through savings or process efficiencies, non-IT stakeholder awareness helps to

  • reduce the risk of non-compliance to inadvertent licence abuse
  • identify unnecessary duplication
  • accept and support efficiency initiatives

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SAM 101

This course is aimed at aspiring Software Asset specialists, presumes no basic knowledge and provides a sensible, from the coalface view of  licensing terminology, best practise approach to documentation processes.

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Advanced SAM

Using a workshop approach and case studies provided by delegates, the course looks at complex licensing models, documentation needs and processes.

We discuss Compliance, Software Audits and tactics when facing an audit challenge.

This module presumes basic knowledge of licensing, processes and compliance.

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Introduction to ISO 19770

This course covers the linkages, pre-requisites, content and sections and looks at  practical ways of implementing principles to achieve in the least philosophical compliance with this standard, if accreditation is not strived for.

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Maximising Returns from your Discovery or Inventory Tool

This event discusses ‘Source of Truth’ models,  reviews the basic deliverables you should expect from your tools and how to optimise tool clusters to achieve a common view.

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Managing your Hardware Assets Effectively

Hardware tracking from cradle to grave always is a challenge. We examine processes for robustness, develop Firedrill approaches to assess the robustness of your tracking. We guide you on sample or comprehensive audits.

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Achieving Efficiencies and Savings

Provides a focus on processes and tools and discusses the role that targeted contract and supplier management plays.

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Developing ITAM Best Practise

This workshop covers all aspects of ITAM and current Industry Best Practise, using case studies. We evaluate 3R, CSFs and performance. Participants will be able to clearly communicate project vision and value and come away with a clear understanding of the constituents of success and/or failure.

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