Using an external organisation to deliver all or part of your services can be a challenge.  Pre event scoping and due diligence are key elements and as the headline motive is usually cost reduction it’s important to get the preparation right, complete the transition efficiently and manage to ongoing service delivery. outsourcing

Unforeseen challenges and hidden costs can appear after the deal has been signed and invariably it’s you, the client, who pays.

It’s not all bad news, despite the recent press about externally managed services in the public sector,  we hardly ever hear of the success stories where provider and client are very happy with the arrangement. And yet there are many such stories but hardly ever has the success been achieved with some blood sweat and tears.

One key area that often causes pain (and significant costs) involves software licence management/compliance/inventory management.  Roughly translated that means knowing what you have, what you want to assign to your service partner and what risks are involved.  No-one has a crystal ball and undoubtedly there will be unforseen problems which will need to be tackled together.  There are many area where LOCS can help, its 20+ years experience gained in some of the major outsource and service management organisations could make the difference between a success and failure in achieving your service management objectives.

  • We understand the challenges faced by companies in service management
  • We can help with internal/external due diligence, transition, process integration
  • and post contract, releasing the value and reducing the risk

We understand the service offering of vendors, service delivery & governance models. We can assist you in any phase of the vendor sourcing lifecycle:

  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Compliance management
  • Vendor Selection
  • Transition
  • Relationship Management

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