At LOCS we deliver independent and unbiased support and expertise to our clients.  We have a wealth of experience in a number of business areas, so if you have a challenge, call us. IT Asset Management

Knowing your asset base

It’s really difficult to maintain an accurate inventory  of your IT assets.  Even setting the scope is a challenge,  with remote and work from home users, smartphones, distributed software, ever more complex licensing terms and a host of other challenges.  LOCS can help resolve the dilemma, our audit process can get you the answers you need, fast. Our Asset Management Health Check provides the ideal starting point.

Releasing the Value 

When procurement budgets get squeezed or targets are not being achieved, it’s vital to optimise what you have and make your IT work harder and in line with your strategic goals.  We take a holistic view, providing an objective perspective on the state of your IT including promoting better internal communication by encouraging separate  departments to be more outward-facing, more accountable, more effective.

Ensuring Compliance

There’s a minefield of legal and regulatory requirements out there and powerful sanctions if you get this wrong. Ignorance is no defence. LOCS can help you benchmark your current compliance risk, help you take pragmatic steps to resolve issues and implement systems to prevent lapses in the future.

LOCS uses a combination of best practice frameworks, industry experience and knowledge of your business and IT environment to build a suitable solution. More [link to Compliance and Licensing page]

Managing the Acquisition and Disposal Processes

These are decisions which can affect the performance of your business for years. Good IT asset management links IT procurement to strategic aims. LOCS consultants provide that external perspective which can result in better informed procurement and disposal decisions.

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