Managing Your Reputationcompliance

With software compliance and licensing, the stakes can be high; there are powerful sanctions if you get it wrong. LOCS can conduct an IT audit for you, provide you with auditing techniques to verify your own position, or equip you to deal with an external audit.

LOCS provides an independent perspective; the support and expertise you may need to face the auditing process with confidence and the information required to negotiate your licensing agreements from a position of strength.

Ongoing License Compliance and Control

Once the position of all existing licences has been established, LOCS can work with you to set up a systematic and rigorous system of control for tracking future licensing and compliance.

LOCS also provide bespoke managed services to relieve your IT staff of the day-to-day tasks of software license and IT asset management to ensure ongoing compliance and efficient use of IT Assets.

You can relax, knowing that your investment in software licensing is minimised; that you are making the best use of existing licenses and are maintaining your compliance position.

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