LOCS provide various one-day IT Support /Asset Management and Software Asset Management training courses and workshops. Locations are flexible. We can arrange for an external location with a fringe programme for team building around the workshop or seminars or we can come to you. Please email: with your requirements.

Pre-/post Implementation Value Acceleration Workshop

This workshop is aimed at decision makers keen to maximise benefits, avoid unnecessary costs and eradicate unexpected deployment/implementation/specification challenges.

LOCS also deliver bespoke training courses and workshops to meet the requirements of our clients, so if you are looking for something that is not on the list please contact us.

Introduction to ITAsset Management (ITAM)

This workshop is aimed at legal, technical and commercial stakeholders with limited knowledge of ITAM and explains the terminology.Software Asset Management (SAM) and Hardware Asset Management (HAM) are included. Reasons for implementing each discipline are explained. The workshop will explore the expected outputs and where ITAM fits into the overall data management requirements of an IT unit.

Basic SAM

This course is aimed at aspiring Software Asset specialists, presumes some basic knowledge and covers the reasons for SAM, where to start, the tools available and the end results.

Advanced SAM

Using a workshop approach and case studies provided by delegates, the course looks at all aspects of SAM and how to get the best out of it in your organisation.

Introduction to ISO 19770

This course covers the linkages, pre-requisites, content and sections and looks at how to set up the project in a way that will achieve certification.

Maximising Your Discovery or Inventory Tool

This course reviews the main types of discovery tools available, especially inventory audit, the deliverables you should expect (and the work involved) and how to get the best out of each.

Managing Compliance Risk Effectively (In conjunction with Pinsent Masons)

Covers the consequences of either doing nothing or of doing too much! Includes a review of the legal requirements, the authority of the various agencies involved and starts to prepare a risk analysis for your organisation.

Managing your Hardware Assets Inventory Effectively

This course covers how to set up the project and why you would want to tackle it in the first place. We look at the benefits and logic and how to avoid the major pitfalls.

Developing ITAM Best Practice

A workshop covering all aspects of ITAM and current Industry Best Practice, using case studies. Particular attention is given to the reasons why Best Practice is so easy to aspire to but so hard to implement across an organisation.

Achieving Efficiencies and Savings

Provides a focus on how to maximise the benefit from your compliance or ITAM projects, including contracts and supplier management.

Value Acceleration – Pre-/Post Project Support

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