China Vows Government Will Use Legal Software

“China is introducing programs to ensure the country’s local governments, from provincial down to county and municipal levels, are all using legal software,” a top Chinese official said during a meeting with visiting U.S. officials. China continues to take measures to push all levels of Chinese government to use copyrighted software, China’s provincial governments will have completed a program to move to legal software by mid-2012, while municipal and county governments will complete the program by 2013. China has long been seen as a hotbed for pirated software, with a very high percentage of all software installed on China’s PCs coming from unlicensed copies.

In response, the country has repeatedly taken public measures to clampdown on the piracy. Last year, the Chinese government began inspecting its own central and local government computers to ensure all departments were using copyrighted software. The inspection led government agencies to purchase an extra US$58.3 million worth of operating systems, office and anti-virus software. Chinese officials are also reported to have said during the meeting with the U.S. officials that the country plans to promote the use of licensed software in businesses.

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