BSA Study Results ‘Dangerous Practices Exist Despite Awareness of Risks’

The latest unlicensed software study focuses on the level of risk associated with poor software installation and inadequate licence management. Whilst the figures look shocking, the direct link between lack of compliance and increased risk of malware installation is undeniable. If all software was properly licensed and managed, how much of the risk would disappear?

Apparently SMEs in the UK were fined nearly £1m in 2016.  The largest settlement was £84,000.  That could be a life or death figure for a small business.

The UK licensing situation has improved since the previous year.  According to the study an estimated 22% of all software installed is not correctly licensed, that equates to $1.9 of lost revenue.

Whilst we may not agree with the BSA’s method and calculations, there’s no question that there is still a licensing problem. The greatest perceived risk is that of an unplanned cost after a surprise audit.

The full study can be found on: