The latest unlicensed software study focuses on the level of risk associated with poor software installation and inadequate licence management. Whilst the figures look shocking, the direct link between lack of compliance and increased risk of malware installation is undeniable. If all software was properly licensed and managed, how much of the risk would disappear? […]

One of the great misconceptions about intellectual property theft is that it is little more than a nuisance crime. By this faulty reasoning, there’s no real harm in using commercial products without paying for them, and it’s no big deal if someone sets up shop to sell cheap copies of the real thing. But the […]

– a Copyright tale – Student Richard O’Dwyer, who was 23 at the time and comes from Sheffield, was claimed to have breached piracy laws and was facing extradition to the US and liable for up to five years in jail. He created the TVShack website.He lost his case at Westminster Magistrates’ Court and a […]

Microsoft has filed lawsuits against two Chinese electronics retail chains for allegedly allowing computers installed with pirated Windows and Office products to be sold at their stores. The software giant said it filed the lawsuits against Gome Electrical Appliances and Buynow in separate courts located in Shanghai and Beijing. Microsoft allege that in Shanghai, a […]

The following table has been extracted from the public part of the BSA/IDC web site. The latest figures relate to 2013. NB the numbers are in millions of US Dollars – $ Country                        Unlicensed Value ($M)    Licensed Market ($M)   Unlicensed Rate United […]

“China is introducing programs to ensure the country’s local governments, from provincial down to county and municipal levels, are all using legal software,” a top Chinese official said during a meeting with visiting U.S. officials. China continues to take measures to push all levels of Chinese government to use copyrighted software, China’s provincial governments will […]

All the publisher wants to make sure of is that your licence count covers the installations/usage.  If you have too many licences then no one else other than you is going to worry about that.  All large publishers have a good idea about the licences you have bought (and generally they will share this with […]

IT Asset Management (or ITAM) is intended to cover all assets under the control of the IT function in an organisation. In that statement is the first challenge, getting the scope right. The standard desktop and server devices are normally the base, licensable software should be in the mix, you may want to include mobile […]